Awards // Kinsale Shark Advertising

November 25, 2023

More gongs for the Electric Theatre cabinet. This time Kinsale Sharks. Post & VFX Company Of The Year Best CGI / VFX – The Coca Cola Company – Masterpiece | Gold Animation – The Coca Cola Company – Masterpiece| Gold Animation – Accenture – Changing Tree | Silver Character Animation – The Coca Cola Company – Masterpiece | … Read More

Awards // Burberry Festive

May 1, 2021

Burberry Festive has garnered some favourable reviews over recent months with it hitting the top spot on Televisual’s 2021 Commercials 30 Survey shortly followed by winning a Silver at the CLIO Awards in the Craft Visual Effects category. Mad props to all those who worked on it. It came out good.

Awards: – “Joy & Heron”

November 29, 2018

“Joy & Heron” has picked up a few awards in recent weeks. A Gold Ciclope for Long Form Animation A Silver LIA for Production & Post-Production: CGI Animation Golds  at The One Show Awards for Online Video, Branded Entertainment, and Animation.

VEX: split string and convert to integer

September 20, 2018

//Split @anotherAttribute based on ‘_’ string myString[] = split(s@anotherAttribute, “_”); //Use last element as attribute value s@tempString = myString[-1]; //convert string to integer i@myIntegerFromString = atoi(s@tempString);

VEX: Bend Wrangle

September 14, 2018

Taken from //Input is a line //Resample SOP on line for more points //Activate curveu attrib in resample SOP //Remap curveu to shape of bend @curveu=chramp(“ramp”,@curveu); float bamt = chf(“bend_amt”); //bend amount vector benddir = chv(“bend_dir”); //bend direction @P+= benddir * bamt * @curveu;

Houdini Python: Find/Replace Parameter Expression

January 18, 2018

A little script to find/replace strings in selected nodes’, parameter expressions: import hou sel = hou.selectedNodes() dialog = hou.ui.readMultiInput('Find/Replace In Expression', input_labels=['Find: ', 'Replace: ',], buttons=("Find/Replace", "Cancel"), severity=hou.severityType.ImportantMessage, title='Find/Replace', close_choice=1) find = dialog[1][0] replace = dialog[1][1] if dialog[0] == 0: for n in sel: for parms in n.parms(): try: newString = str(parms.eval()).replace(find, replace) parms.set(newString) except: … Read More

VEX: SOP Rotation

May 24, 2017

f@speed = fit01(rand(@ptnum), ch('minSpeed'), ch('maxSpeed')); float angle = (ch('angle')+@ptnum)*@speed; vector axis = sample_direction_uniform(rand(@ptnum*ch('seed'))); @orient = quaternion(angle, axis);