Houdini Scripts

      Add Overscan to Selected Cameras

      Exposes the overscan parameters on selected cameras

      Add Linked Overscan to Selected Cameras

      Exposes the overscan parameters on selected cameras and adds an expression linking the overscan to ROP res overrides

      Centre Pivots

      Sets pivot transforms to $CEX, $CEY, $CEZ on selected nodes

      Find/Replace Parameter Expression

      Will find/replace strings within selected nodes’ parameters’ expressions

      Match Parameters

      Select two nodes and this script will copy all parameters from the first selected node to the second selected

      Toggle Update Mode

      This script will toggle between Manual and Auto Update modes

      Set Camera Parameters

      A short example to set all camera parameters – specifically resolution and icon scale

      Split Into Groups

      This script will break out all the groups within the geo from the selected node using blasts

      Softimage Scripts

      Move Selected Items to Background Partitions

      This script will move selected items into background partitions of either the current pass or multiple selected passes

      Convert Models to Nulls

      This small script will convert selected models into nulls.

      mia2vray Material Conversion

      This small script will swap selected materials mia shaders into vraymtrl shaders. This script was inspired by Paul Driesen’s script for Maya 

      Extrude Along Multiple Curves

      It came to my attention from a colleague today that there isn’t an easy way to extrude along multiple curves in Softimage. So I knocked up this little script for her.

      Delete Empty Partitions

      I like to keep my passes tidy so this little script just strips out any empty partitions on selected passes.


      Nuke Scripts

      Multi Paster

      A simple snippet to paste multiples of the copied node underneath the selected nodes.
      To use just copy the node you want (ctrl-c). Select the nodes on which you want to paste the copies and run the script. Simples!