It came to my attention from a colleague today that there isn’t an easy way to extrude along multiple curves in Softimage. So I knocked up this little script for her.


#To Use: 
# 1) Select the curves you want to extrude along.
# 2) Run script
# 3) Pick the profile curve

import win32com
xsi = Application

#collect all curves
extCurves = win32com.client.Dispatch( "XSI.Collection" )
extCurves.AddItems (xsi.Selection)

#pick profile curve
profileCurve = xsi.PickElement ("", "Pick Profile Curve")

#loop through all extCurves and extrude along profileCurve
for i in range (0, extCurves.count):
	xsi.ApplyGenOp("Extrusion", "MeshSurface", str(profileCurve(2)) + ";" + str(extCurves(i)), 3, "siPersistentOperation", "siKeepGenOpInputs", "")

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