'Coffee' is a personal project that is part of a series of images I've been working on in order to experiment with HtoA. I wanted to have a slightly more complex setup than my 'Block' series, with which I could explore further with texture/shading/lighting/rendering. Models created in 3DSMax, Lighting/Rendering/FX in Houdini, Textures created in Photoshop [...]

Blocks: Atrium

Carrying on with experimentation using HtoA this is the second image created using as little modelling as possible – basically boxes again. This is also a copy/interpretation of a photo I found online. Like ‘Blocks: Corridor’, this was created in one day. All 3D created in Houdini. Textures in Photoshop and Compositing in Nuke. Save … Read More

Blocks: Corridor

This is the first in a series of personal works I’m working on to learn and experiment with HtoA (Arnold for Houdini). I’ve kept the modelling to the absolute minimum by using essentially just boxes and then texturing them up. This image is an interpretation of another image I found on the internet, something that … Read More

R&D: Audi R8

R&D into VRay for Softimage. All but modeling.

R&D: VW Polo

R&D into VRay for Softimage and Nuke. All but Modeling

R&D: VW Polo

  Test using VRay for Softimage and Nuke. Everything but the modelling.