Renault – R5

In partnership with MvM, I helped on this commercial for the new EV Renault 5 whilst at ETC. Procedural wall building/texturing and lighting/rendering on this one. More about it here:

Man vs Bee

I completed a short stint at Framestore creating the beehive explosion on this comedy for Netflix.

Amazon – Napoleon

As part of Amazon’s latest campaign, whilst at ETC, I helped supplement these shots with various smokes, additional soldiers and bit of lighting too.

Skrillex, Starrah and Four Tet – Butterflies

I got to help out with lighting some ghosts for Skrillex’s latest banger, Butterflies. All created in Houdini with Arnold at ETC, London.

Deutsche Telekom – Project Futureproof

I helped out on this hopeful commercial for Deutsche Telekom. Generalist work in Lighting/Rendering and FX for the Fruit Sushi and Biophilic Building shots.

Ladbrokes – This Time We Play Together

I created procedural simulations and allocated drumming agents to kits in this commercial for Ladbrokes using arnold procedurals to deal with the rather large dataset.

AXE – The New Axe Effect

This completely bonkers commercial for Axe was made by Electric Theatre Collective, with the cool 2D animation by Future Power Station. I helped out with procedurally modelling the skyscraper and lighting/rendering.

AXE – The Wave

Helped out on lighting for this short 15 second for AXE.

SkyBet – A New Dawn

Creating procedural models of the Lily, Daisy and Dahlia along with water droplets and lighting/rendering; I become a digital botanist on this commercial for SkyBet at ETC.  

IKEA – Fortune Favours The Frugal

For this new global campaign for IKEA, I helped the boys and girls at ETC on the trash RBD sims and a touch of lighting/rendering.